Our Philosophy:


Most sub-contractors talk about QUALITY and SAFETY. It is almost a given that contractors will discuss their quality and safety programs. Commercial Contracting is also very focused on and is very proud of our Zero Defect plan and our SOS (Serious On Safety) plan. However, in order to differentiate ourselves from the competition we are committed to complete client satisfaction via the C5 PLEDGE.

What is the C5 pledge?

  • Cooperation:

At CCSI, we are committed to being a team player. We will go out of our way to assist our General Contractor partners as well as other subcontractors in order to help facilitate and expedite the overall progress of the project.

  • Commitment:

At CCSI, we are committed to delivering a quality project on time while adhering to a strict safety policy. Our entire team is committed to delivering on our promises. We do what we said we would do; when we said we would do it. Simply stated – we keep our promises!

  • Coordination:

One of the keys to delivering a successful project is coordination both internally at CCSI and externally with our clients and on the project site. What we do involves coordinating with the trades that go before us, with us and after we have completed our scope of work. Coordination happens with careful planning and continuous communication.

  • Communication:

All of the best planning is useless without communicating the plan both internally and externally. We communicate with our clients via a variety of ways including the telephone, facsimile machines, e-mail, other digital communication devices and good old fashioned “face to face” meetings. All of these communication avenues are utilized in each and every one of our projects and help to ensure our projects are delivered as promised.

  • Caring:

Caring? This is not a word you hear very often in the construction industry. But we the people at CCSI care about our clients and their needs. At the end of the day, we care about how our clients feel about us. We care that our works gets finished on time, within budget while maintaining absolute quality and safety. We value our client’s opinion of our people, our company and our reputation; we want to build relationships and earn the opportunity for future work!