Serious On Safety

One of Commercial Contracting Systems core values is the safety of our troops, clients, fellow sub-contractors and the general public.   The construction industry always will remain a dangerous business; it is simply not possible to totally escape risk. Safety is a critical item on all construction projects for multiple reasons including protecting the welfare of employees, providing a safe work environment and controlling construction costs.

Safety is what you get when things are done properly and events go as planned.  Safety is an outcome, the result of processes and actions.  Work safety at Commercial Contracting is more than a motto or a mantra and it is more than a set of rules and regulations on the company intranet; it is a core value! Our goal for a zero accident culture comes from our leadership teams genuinely believing that being injury free is possible. We continually inspire and foster a cultural shift towards safety.  We hold our troops responsible and accountable for safety.  Anyone has a right to shut down an operation if there are known safety hazards that have not been addressed and the company will back-up and address the safety issues these employees have identified.

In addition to our overall corporate training we have project specific training planning sessions.  Safety will be planned into the job as an integral part of the operation rather than something that is used only when it is necessary.  This reduces the “shoot from the hip” decision making process and replaces it through the implementation of planning.  This is where the site specific safety program is developed and various types of training programs are selected based on the specific tools, materials, access, tasks and equipment that will be used to build this project. Further, this planning sets the expectations for the whole job.

Our clients and owners benefit from our Serious on Safety Plan because a safe jobsite helps to promote quality workmanship, prevent third-party lawsuits, and reduce general liability and property damage claims that would otherwise inflate the overall costs of the contract.  Companies that work safely have higher productivity, less worker turnover, and less waste.